Email Productivity

If your inbox is overflowing, you’re not alone. Some studies report that the average employee spends two hours per day battling email. This is the place to begin to become more productive.

Worlds of Advice

A quick Google search will turn up countless email productivity tips. For example:

But these tricks will only get you so far. After all, you only really benefit from a shortcut when you have already mastered the typical route. Most of us are drowning in email. Check out the numbers:

Figure Fact
69% Senior company managers who find the daily task of responding to emails either
mildly or moderately stressful
149 Typical daily message volume for the average corporate email user
35% Business professionals who check email on a mobile device
247 The number of emails sent per day worldwide, in billions

You’re Not Alone

These problems are everywhere. We hurry so much when we write email, we sometimes offer unintentional threats. For more information, review the slides from one of our past presentations on email productivity:

Get Help

Take control of your email. Start with an intervention. Contact Slaughter Development to schedule the Productivity Short Talk titled “A New Perspective on Email.”

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