Reasons to Reach Out

Not sure if you’re ready to contact us? You might be ready for methodology engineering if…

  1. You spend part of your workday doing something that no one should have to do.
  2. Someone in your organization routinely duplicates information by hand.
  3. Part of your job is mindless, but all of your job is intellectually exhausting.
  4. Your computers seem to work against you as much as they work for you.
  5. New employee training includes the phrase “Nobody knows why, but we’ve always done it that way.”
  6. You are too busy working to even think about how to work smarter.
  7. Your business is ready to grow, but business processes are holding it back.
  8. You are tired of six week long management fads, but more ready than ever for permanent, positive management change.
  9. Your competitors seem to move faster and faster, and you don’t know if you can keep up.
  10. “Getting organized” has gone from being a plan to a dream.

The First Step is Making the Call

We understand that contacting an outside firm to discuss your business can be daunting. You may be skeptical, but know that Slaughter Development is not like other consulting companies who seek short-term deals and the opportunity to push an existing product. You may be embarrassed by your inefficiencies, but understand that improvement begins by stating a desire to change. You may be concerned about your ability to pay, but recognize that methodology engineering at Slaughter Development is based on partnership, not projects. We are ready to listen. We need you to reach out to begin the conversation.

No-Pressure Sales

Any engineer or responsible manager will wisely state that you cannot force a project to achieve success. An old engineering adage explains this reality: “Fast, cheap or good—pick two.” Slaughter Development emphasizes providing the highest quality of work at fees commensurate with our expertise, experience and our impact on your organization. According to the rule of thumb, we cannot be in a hurry.

Our sales team will not call you repeatedly; in fact, as a rule we will never call you without arranging a time via e-mail. A relationship with Slaughter Development should last for months or longer. Contemplate the opportunity in full before moving forward.

Ready to Begin

We are ready to discuss the future of your organization. Contact us today!

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