Workplace Diagnostics

Step 1: Examine Patient

An appointment with a new physician should not start with surgery. Medicine begins with examination, followed by diagnosis, confirmation and finally treatment. Whether you visit the doctor for a routine checkup or to present a health problem, willingness to seek help shows a commitment to well-being.

Slaughter Development offers Workplace Diagnostics: both for organizations who want to assess their methodology and those that know “there must be a better way.”

First, We Listen

Many consulting firms have a handful of pre-built solutions for sale. These may appear in the form of software applications, operational materials or research reports. If these products meet your exact needs, they may be the answer to your current question. Methodology Engineering emphasizes the individual assessment of work, not forcing a square peg into a round hole.

Just as listening is the most challenging part of communication, collecting data for Workplace Diagnostics is the most difficult and important step of the methodology engineering lifecycle. No redesign of your processes can occur without a full understanding of their origin, their role in your organization and the perspectives of everyone involved on the existing environment. Our first step is not to offer solution, but to understand the unique circumstances and configuration at your place of business.

Interviewing and Shadowing

The best way to capture individual business processes and stakeholder perceptions is by conducting a thorough examination and process analysis. Business workflow is fundamentally the daily acts of dedicated employees. Your workers strive on behalf of the organization, and the way they conduct their jobs guides overall success. The choices, procedures and patterns they pursue are essentially intricate gears imperative to a well-oiled machine. Our process begins with individual conversations. These interviews form a framework for our model of your organizational engine.

Verbal communication identifies what people actively know about their work. Observation reveals patterns which are so fully internalized that they rarely appear in conversation. This is the knowledge worker that zips around the user interface of a software application like a chef in their own kitchen, or the assembly tech who saves a few seconds by temporarily balancing a part against the wall of their station. Everything an employee does but does not say elucidates the nature of their work and its impact on the organization. Slaughter Development does more than talk to your employees; we watch them succeed to understand their unspoken contributions.

By interviewing and shadowing these specific individuals, we are able to witness the natural flow of work. We identify countercompetencies and best practices through direct assessment.

Report of Findings

Once analysis is conducted, a formal report is written and presented promptly. This document will contain all essential elements in regards to the examination including:

  • A detailed summary of the analysis conducted, including specified feedback on observations and conclusive findings.
  • Any evident risk factors, so as to establish a level of unbiased understanding for both your company and Slaughter Development.
  • Key opportunities for process changes, third-party systems, or other customized solutions.
  • An established productivity metric which evaluates the level of success in your organization, so you can measure the impact of changes over time.

Our Workplace Diagnostics service is ideal for companies intrigued by methodology engineering and ready to see the kind of improvements possible with this approach. Because Slaughter Development provides a complete report of findings, you can have all the information to implement changes yourself, seek out a alternate third-party, or follow up with our team for additional assistance. Thanks to our guarantee of a custom productivity metric, you can measure your progress moving forward.

Costs and Timeframe

Your organization can receive our Workplace Diagnostics offering for as little as $999 with a turnaround as quick as ten business days! Organizational improvements from our recommendations tend to appear within an equivalent timeframe, and most companies find the investment recovered within a fiscal quarter. Learn more about our packages or contact us today for more information!

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