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Working with a consulting firm can sometimes feel like eating at a premier restaurant. You anticipate small portions and unfamiliar ingredients. You check reviews, but you are skeptical until you take the first bite. There are often no prices on the menu, and you may wonder if you can afford even a modest engagement. Slaughter Development offers a different philosophy. We state our prices and our services up front. We work to ensure you understand the costs and benefits at every step.

Why Secrecy Fails

Every business model is different. No one would patronize a retail store that had no price tags, and no one could ever sell real estate if they refused to negotiate with potential buyers. Although there might be some haggling over the final sum, those operations all start with a public statement of their price. Why are so many service vendors different?

Sometimes, it is because the quantity of labor varies based on need. Many engineering offices, law firms and consulting companies work on an hourly basis, but rarely do they post their standard rate on their website. Some organizations bid on projects individually, building out comprehensive estimates of all the work to be completed. The final bill is often a mystery until it arrives.

These approaches might make sense in some environments, but methodology engineering works best when clients understand the compensation structure from the very beginning. Slaughter Development works with organizations with the explicit goal of saving time and money. To evaluate if our services are right for your company, you need to compare our prices against what you stand to recover.

Keeping prices a secret makes it more difficult for potential clients to balance the potential investment against the potential returns. Remember, our mission is to make business processes easier. Our first step in improving the process of building relationships is to eliminate the awkwardness of talking about money.

Many Happy Returns

Methodology engineering requires organizational change, and for such change to be significant and meaningful it must be permanent. Our services help companies and non-profit agencies throughout the entire lifecycle of transformation. This commitment requires time. We structure our contributions and our invoices to enable change to happen.

Traditional Cost/Benefit Model for Organizational Change

We all know the usual story of failed change. Consultants with great ideas, costly systems and steep fees enter the organization, and for a while the new approaches seem to be gaining traction. However, once the final bills are paid and the consultants depart, the old routines tend to return. Problems are uncovered and then ignored. In many cases the group is not much better off than they were originally.


    Costs to Client
    Benefit to Client

Expensive initial payments for
infrastructure and consulting.
Payments end because
consultants are finished.
New systems take off
but lose momentum as
consultants leave.
Ultimately, benefits are minimal
and continue to decline.

The old model not only fails, but contains a broken pricing system. The client suffers major costs for a comprehensive overhaul and new systems, services and procedures. Not long after the last check clears, the value begins to slip. Within time, the consultants are a hazy memory and the productivity of the overall environment has not been improved significantly.

Slaughter Development Cost/Benefit Model for Organizational Change

Instead of imposing immediate large fees for infrastructure and services, Slaughter Development takes the long view. We need to understand your unique challenges first before working interactively with you to build new ideas. We believe that organizational change requires time, and we are committed to a continuing relationship for months and years to come.  


    Costs to Client
    Benefit to Client

Stakeholders gain ownership of new
model and grow independently.
Ongoing System Implementation
and continuous monitoring
Project reaches success.

Time is Money

Your financial advisors and accountants may help your company cut costs and save on recurring expenses. Slaughter Development helps you improve the efficiency and satisifaction of work, freeing up time for you, your employees and even your customers. Even an hour consistently saved every week from only one employee is time for that individual to achieve more.

Make your business processes work for you. Review our pricing model, and contact Slaughter Development today!

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