Knowledge Worker

Someone employed primarily for the purpose of manipulating, understanding and creating information and applying their expertise to solve problems and benefit customers.

Management guru Peter Drucker coined the term knowledge worker in 1959, pointing out that the key transformation of the nature of work in the 20th century was the emphasis on intellectual contributions to the organization. We value employees today for creativity, knowledge and raw intelligence more than we do for their brawn. Even skilled manual trades require more and more specialized expertise, as we see as many certifications and much variation in the quality of work of plumbers, mechanics, and carpenters as we do in physicians, lawyers and engineers. Knowledge is an inescapably essential component of work.

In the midst of the dramatic events that can occur in workplace it is easy to forget about the brilliant minds of your employees. Slaughter Development believes that virtually all workers are knowledge workers, and that there is no better place to generate new ideas for improving a business than among the very stakeholders that run the operation every day. No outside consulting firm can help you address current challenges in workflow, process and methodology without first working with your employees, customers and owners to understand their needs and their dreams. If you are ready to tap that knowledge to improve your business through a partnership with Slaughter Development, contact us today.

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