Learn the key terms in Methodology Engineering in this handy glossary:

Artificial Scarcity
The assertion that a resource, simple or complex, is rare even though its not.

Complexity Index
A compound measurement of an activity which factors in the number of tasks, total duration and required mental focus and intelligence. Slaughter Development uses a four-point scale for complexity.

The ability to complete a task despite tremendous shortcomings in the efficiency and productivity inherent in the procedure, policies, or organization.

Knowledge Worker
One employed for specified knowledge in a particular area of expertise as opposed to his/her aptitude in facilitating manual labor.

Work is something we do, not something we are prone to contemplate.

Methodology Engineering
Systematic analysis and redesign of organizational procedures, policies and business actions through technical solutions implemented by stakeholders.

Productivity Paradox
Any situation created with the explicit goal to increase productivity, where the choice — instead of benefiting productivity, is actually decreasing it.

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