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We’re Joining AccelaWork

Slaughter Development is becoming the first partner in a new consulting venture, AccelaWork.
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5 Modern Trends In Learning Management

Improving business process usually means learning new skills. Today’s guest post from Tricia Underwood covers modern trends in learning management. Many new technologies are used in the business world to improve productivity. Blockchain technology is used by many businesses to bring transparency to their production and supply chain. Along with blockchain technology, crypto trading is also becoming more popular. Traders have started to use auto trading platforms such as the bitcode prime app to make more profits.
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Five Year Lesson in Methodology Engineering

I first heard the term methodology engineering by Robby Slaughter during my interview for Slaughter Development back in 2007. I hadn’t the slightest clue what it meant, but was intrigued to learn more. Now, nearly five years later as I write my final blog post for The Methodology Blog, I look back and smile.  Sure, I set out to learn more, but I ended up changing my entire perspective.
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The Shocking Truth About Telecommuting

Here’s pretty amazing secret: people who work from home do all kinds of terribly non-productive things. But the net result of this is even more surprising: despite wasting all this time, they actually get more done.

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Productivity and the Unemployment Rate

Employee productivity and overall unemployment are certainly related. But a new post highlights some of the finer points of this connection.
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FAILURE: The Secret to Success
A new book by Slaughter Development’s founder on the power of improving workflow and satisfaction by embracing failure. Book website » | Sample text »

Upcoming Events

  • Saturday, September 15 - I Already Have a Job, Why Should I be Networking?. Sponsored by the Business and Professional Exchange Alumni
  • Thursday, September 18 - Efficient Networking: The Unbeatable Recipe for Building Relationships that Produce Business. Part of the BE MORE series from Rainmakers Marketing Group. Register online. Fireside Brewhouse, Greenwood, IN
  • Tuesday, October 2 - Moving from Offline to Online. Sponsored by the Rainmakers Marketing Group. Sonar Studios, 1060 N. Capitol, Indianapolis. 5:30PM.
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Productivity Short Talks

Re-engage at your weekly staff meetings with a Productivity Short Talk from the team at Slaughter Development. These fifteen minute sessions are available for Indianapolis-based companies and organizations at no-cost on any one of the following topics:

  • A New Perspective on Email
  • Making Communication Productive
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Improving Meetings
  • Power Modeling: Self Training
  • Productivity and Social Media
  • Networking Efficiently
  • The Power of “No”

Flyer [PDF, 663k]

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Slaughter Development practices methodology engineering—the “systematic analysis and redesign of organizational procedures, policies and business actions through technical solutions implemented by stakeholders.” We help make businesses more effective, more efficient and more enjoyable places to work. Methodology engineering reduces costs and risks, leading to increased revenue and greater employee, customer and owner satisfaction. The team at Slaughter Development helps stakeholders to transform business processes through technical expertise and custom solutions.

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Slaughter Development offers several packages of Methodology Engineering services to meet the needs of almost any organization. Consider our Workplace Diagnostics program, starting as low as $999, or bring our team in for comprehensive Business Process Modeling. Roll out new workplace methodologies with our complete System Implementation program. Need a different approach to training, tool selection, or job design? Our Service Integration plan facilitates harmony between your existing IT systems, workplace procedures and busy employees.

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Slaughter Development is joining AccelaWork.

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