About Us

Welcome, come in!

Slaughter Development was originally established in 2003 in Austin, Texas, as a software consultancy firm specializing in usability engineering and web application development. After five years and hundreds of successful projects, company founder Robby Slaughter evaluated the challenges facing organizations and the unique impact of process on both satisfaction and productivity. Companies and non-profit agencies may have sought new custom software applications to address concerns and increase effectiveness, but the common challenge was always individual methodologies.

Madness in the Method

Virtually every employee has made sarcastic comments about backwards processes in the workplace. Almost all managers have quietly wondered about the seemingly arcane systems and procedures buzzing around them. We insist there is “method in the madness”, but explaining a core process with defensive language ought to give us pause. At Slaughter Development, we are sensitive to every aspect of the daily flow of business, including the tools, procedures and even words stakeholders employ. We believe in conscientious methods and seek to embrace and share them with our clients and community.

What Makes Us Different

Consultants are everywhere. Each offers big promises and all-encompassing solutions. Our model is based on more than just expertise and experience, but on commitment to ongoing relationships. Change has tremendous potential but requires patience and devotion. We want to work with your company not for days or weeks, but months or years. We are different because we believe in the long view of business transformation.

Furthermore, we focus on methodology engineering, not solution provision. While we are intimately familiar with many of the latest tools, software applications, hardware systems, and other pre-built offerings, we believe no single product can substaintally transform any organization. We are not a system vendor, and while we will make recommendations based on your individual needs and our collective experience, we carry no loyalty toward any specific vendor. Your business needs are too important to risk trying a new platform without thorough assessment.

Slaughter Development and You

Whether you are part of a small business, work for a non-profit or government agency or work within a major corporation, Slaughter Development wants to learn more about your operation and how we can help you improve your processes. Our model begins with conversation. Contact us to start the discussion.

Slaughter Development is joining AccelaWork.

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