Slaughter Development offers several packages of Methodology Engineering services to meet the needs of almost any organization. Consider our Workplace Diagnostics program, starting as low as $999, or bring our team in for comprehensive Business Process Modeling. Roll out new workplace methodologies with our complete System Implementation program. Need a different approach to training, tool selection, or job design? Our Service Integration plan facilitates harmony between your existing IT systems, workplace procedures and busy employees.

Starter Programs

If you’re excited by the prospect of methodology engineering at your organization, but unsure where to begin, consider our Workplace Diagnostics QuickStart package. This service is offered for only $999 for any organization. For this low price, you get the following:

  • Onsite kick-off meeting with major stakeholders to outline the QuickStart program
  • Individual 30-minute interviews with up to three of your employees, managers or clients
  • Online Client Access to our project management system for the duration of your project
  • Report of Findings which details our research, analysis, discoveries and recommendations

Best of all, we anticipate results in as little as 10 business days, depending on your availability to schedule meetings and provide site access. Exploring methodology engineering is affordable and readily available. Contact us today to enroll!

Comprehensive Services

Although you can learn a great deal from an initial diagnostic, the primary value of methodology engineering comes from deep understanding of the nature of current challenges, the design programs to refresh and rebuild business processes, and implementation support to help a business embrace new systems as a constant routine. Changing the pattern of work requires the use of just that, change—the most difficult activity of those common to all organizations. Although many businesses, non-profit and government operations may openly admit a desire to transform their internal processes, tools and relationships, not many are ready to commit to a complete methodology engineering lifecycle.

To assist in a daunting process of pursuing change, Slaughter Development offers each of the major service phases in individual packages. And yes, we state projected costs, as part of our pricing philosophy:

Objectives Timeframe Costs
Workplace Diagnostics
  • Onsite kick-off meetings
  • Stakeholder interviews & shadowing
  • Report of Findings
  • Online Client Access
10-60 days $999-$7,999
Business Process Modeling
  • Collaborative Research
  • On-site analysis and development
  • UML/BPMN Artifact Generation
  • Model Presentation
  • Online Client Access
15-90 days $999-$11,999
System Implementation
  • Stakeholder meetings
  • Roll-out Plan Development
  • Soft Launch
  • Implementation Support
  • Extended Support
  • Online Client Access
9-24 months $2,999-$11,999 in fixed fees
$199-$1,999/wk recurring

Process Consulting & Project Implementation

General methodology engineering services are available at a standard billing rate of $125/hour, with an eight hour minimum per month. This rate provides one technical/engineering resource as well as online client access for 30 calendar days following the close of engagement. For more information on general services, please contact us.

One-to-One Productivity Coaching

The worst way to hire any coach is by paying for each hour as you need it. Instead, we prefer long engagements with an emphasis on gainsharing, so that your success is tied to our success. This way, you pay for your increased personal productivity. Here are some examples from past clients, with the understanding that a similar model may work for you:

Role Meeting Frequency Payment Structure Shared Success Component
Sales Professional Two hours, once a week $299/month + Gainsharing 10% of personal gross revenue
Project Manager One hour every other week $149/month + success bonus Success Bonus:
Monthly reports delivered early
Entrepreneur Twice weekly for one hour $49/month + conversion Conversion program:
75% of profit from first sale
25% of profits from additional sales

Seminars and Presentations

Pending availability, Slaughter Development will provide a resource for presentations to a general audience on virtually any technical topic, and to a technical audience on the topics of systems engineering, UML, BPMN, software development, systems analysis, system architecture, IT consulting and other information technology related topics. Speaking fees are $1,000/4-hours or $1,500/day, plus expenses. Slaughter Development will often reduce the honorarium for non-profit organizations. Please inquire for more information.

Methodology Engineering Retainers

Although not typically offered to new clients, Slaughter Development encourages any organization which has completed a successful system implementation to consider an ongoing retainer. Retainer fees are calculated based on discounts to the standard billing rate of $125/hour and are billed monthly. For more information, please contact Slaughter Development.

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