Financing Options

If you have browsed our Packages page or reviewed our pricing information, you have learned that what everyone knows about consulting services: they are not cheap. This is not an offering that can be mass produced and heavily discounted. There are no silver bullets, no one-size-fits-all tricks for conducting the detailed process of methodology engineering. Upgrading the way you do business is an investment. With Slaughter Development, you are investing in a partnership based on expertise, mutual respect and a long term commitment.

The Consulting Cycle

Working with service providers usually involves following a standard business cycle. Once everyone agrees to work together and contracts are signed, the client and consultancy enter into a loop of payment, work and feedback, which repeats until the client is satisfied. This model has many advantages, but one significant drawback: it assumes infinite time and financial resources to complete the work.

Most organizations have limited funds available for engineering services. While accountants will not usually characterize methodology engineering as an investment in a fixed asset, Slaughter Development encourages clients to conceptualize our offering as a partnership rather than just a service. A basis of cooperation moves us beyond the buyer-seller relationship and into one of two organizations benefiting eachother.

Payment Models

Transparency is one of our core values, and we want to clearly state the various payment models we embrace. Here’s a chart of the standard cash-basis approaches for payment, and our preferences for each:

  Advantages Drawbacks  Rating 
Full Up-Front
  • Significant quality incentive
  • Minimal risk to consultancy
  • Limits scheduling flexibility
  • Maximum risk to client
Partial Payment
(per schedule)
  • Shares risk between parties
  • High incentive to coordinate
  • Increased paperwork
Deferred Payment
(project completion)
  • Minimal risk to client
  • High risk to consultancy
  • Creates power/abandoment dynamics

Profitsharing and Gainsharing

A partnership between your organization and Slaughter Development may not necessarily be outlined entirely in cash. Methodology Engineering aims to improve your ability to conduct the work of your business, and as your partner we want to make you successful and share in your success.

Benefiting from your rewards means taking a stake in your risks. We offer two programs for businesses interested in alternate models of compensation. Profitsharing trades some component of today’s compensation for a percentage of your future corporate profits for a defined period. For example, Slaughter Development might offer to reduce startup fees by some amount in exchange for a small fraction of your profits. This approach allows us to demonstrate committment by taking a risk today and demonstrating our confidence that we will ensure your future success.

Gainsharing is based not on raw profits, but on changes to mutually defined metrics. This could be a cash payout for every hour of an employee’s weekly schedule we can save, or a bonus based on unit production for your assembly line. Gainsharing requires more detailed review and is usually only appropriate for clients willing to be involved in a partnership lasting more than twelve months. For more information on both of these programs, contact us today!

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