Testimonials from Current and Past Clients

“I was beyond thrilled with
the high quality service I
received from Slaughter Development.”
- Annie Sever-Dimitri
Your Coach for Life
“Who wouldn’t want to
maximize their productivity, systems and skill sets by hiring Robby and his team?”
“I have personally gained insights
from Slaughter Development that I am incorporating into my mortgage practice.
“Prior to their examination of our methodology and processes, our operational pain points were a major obstacle to the profitability we were striving to achieve. [Therefore] I never hesitate to recommend their services for anyone interested in the latest theory and practice of workflow optimization and business consulting.”
- PJ Christie
Small Box Web Design
Great job at the workshop. I have to be honest, prior to attending it, Social Media was never a topic I considered in terms of productivity. But, that’s because I hadn’t tied measurable objectives to the time I spent there. Just that simple principle that you taught will make a big change in the way I allocate my time, on social media and otherwise!”
- Nick Carter
Awesome presentation!
- Larry Reed
American Mold Experts
“I have both enjoyed and benefited from attending the
Productivity Series...these sessions are both practical and thought provoking.”
- Harry Howe
Howe Leadership
“Last year, I spent hours each week trying to write one article for our site. After attending a productivity seminar from Slaughter Development, my output went through the roof. I now publish at least once each day as well as writing for a few other sites every month. Our traffic has tripled but not my time spent on content!”
- Heather Sokol
“I was impressed with the quality and ideas presented in Slaughter Development’ s planning seminar. After following the plan started in the seminar, I have a much better chance of reaching my goals for the year.
- Ed Wills
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Organizations with between three and fifty employees can experience dramatic changes through the sound application of methodology engineering. Companies in this space tend to be focused on only a few products or service lines, enabling Slaughter Development to quickly identify and assess procedures which directly impact customers. Employees at small businesses usually perform multiple disparate job functions (“wearing many hats”), so conducting an activity inventory often reveals countercompetences and opportunities for workplace automation. Collective pride, loyalty and devotion usually drives the culture of these communities, which helps everyone to be open to positive changes and continued improvement. These and many other strengths uniquely benefit corporations with as many as fifty employees.

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Individuals who work daily in service to their communities spend their entire careers facing a painful dilemma: either provide immediate help for the people or cease help temporarily so to restructure and hopefully improve for the future. The Slaughter Development team enables non-profits and government agencies to escape this crucible through a non-invasive diagnostic process and best-fit solution implementation. For non-business clients, we prefer ongoing relationships, as these organizations must maintain their services and their public commitment in perpetuity. Positive improvements to social services—especially to improve and streamline bureaucracies—is an ideal application of methodology engineering.

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Changing the course of a large corporate concern is like turning a passenger cruise ship: even with the most dedicated crew, there are physical laws which constrain the overall rate of change. Enterprises may wish to pursue solid new strategies, but Slaughter Development provides consulting and implementation services on how to re-factor existing internal systems to improve productivity and satisfaction. Big business can distinctly benefit from methodology engineering due to the existing organizational structure into departments, teams and work areas. Our team prefers to focus on small, fairly discrete business units in turn, identifying and removing bottlenecks which affect the larger organization. This allows middle managers to transform their respective domains and contribute more effectively to the larger organization.

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