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Slaughter Development’s primary offering is Methodology Engineering. We help stakeholders within organizations to build and refine business practices to increase overall productivity as well as employee and customer satisfaction. Our comprehensive services include:

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Slaughter Development offers several packages of Methodology Engineering services to meet the needs of almost any organization. Consider our Workplace Diagnostics program, starting as low as $999, or bring our team in for comprehensive Business Process Modeling. Roll out new workplace methodologies with our complete System Implementation program. Need a different approach to training, tool selection, or job design? Our Service Integration plan facilitates harmony between your existing IT systems, workplace procedures and busy employees.

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Interruptions. Misplaced files. Disorganization and disaster. It’s tough to feel like you can get ahead at work with the chaos.

Get help. Work smarter. Learn all about our approach to helping individuals become more productive, more effective, more efficient and more satisfied.
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Unlike typical corporate trainings, we offer courses that are hand-crafted to match your unique tactical business challenges.

Our core objective is not to pass along tips and trivia, but instead to empower you with a new perspective on work.
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Step 1: Examine Patient

An appointment with a new physician should not start with surgery. Medicine begins with examination, followed by diagnosis, confirmation and finally treatment. Whether you visit the doctor for a routine checkup or to present a health problem, willingness to seek help shows a commitment to well-being.

Slaughter Development offers Workplace Diagnostics: both for organizations who want to assess their methodology and those that know “there must be a better way.”

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Can you diagram what you do?

Anything worth doing well should be planned, analyzed and fully understood. The most fundamental components of your organization are the actions which employees take every day to achieve success. Procedures arise from necessity, and usually are off and running before there is time for a conscious process of design and review. We are so busy working we rarely have time to even consider better and smarter ways to work.

To enable dramatic productivity transformations in groups, Slaughter Development offers Business Process Modeling. Through an interactive engagement, we collaboratively design procedures to improve stakeholder satisfaction and operational effectiveness.

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Slaughter Development is joining AccelaWork.

Please visit the new website at www.accelawork.com