Online Client Access

There is a direct relationship between the ability to access work and confidence in the quality of that work. If you cannot see what a consultancy is doing for your organization, then it is difficult to justify the value and cost of that work until it is completed.

Slaughter Development takes a different view on deliverables and client access. Instead of keeping information separate until it is ready for your consumption, we keep our work in the open, available to you 24x7x365 via our Online Client Access portal. All of your projects, including current milestones, active task lists, associated documents and personnel are all contained neatly within this system. You can reach this any place and any time simply by using a web browser and a private username/password.

Slaughter Development: Online Client Dashboard

Clients receiving major services such as Workplace Diagnostics, Business Process Modeling, and System Implementation receive unlimited logins with our Online Client Access system. Other clients may be targeted for this service based on individual needs. Please contact us for more information.

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