What is Methodology Engineering?

Slaughter Development practices methodology engineering—the “systematic analysis and redesign of organizational procedures, policies and business actions through technical solutions implemented by stakeholders.” We help make businesses more effective, more efficient and more enjoyable places to work. Methodology engineering reduces costs and risks, leading to increased revenue and greater employee, customer and owner satisfaction. The team at Slaughter Development helps stakeholders to transform business processes through technical expertise and custom solutions.

Beyond Information Technology

Computer systems were designed to make our lives easier, but how many of us have found these devices to be a source of frustration and ultimately more work. Researcher Erik Brynjolfsson described this problem as the productivity paradox, noting that although computers were designed to make use more efficient, they often reduce overall productivity. Information Technology is unique in the modern office in that it is both tremendously powerful and tremendously wasteful.

Methodology engineering advocates a new approach to IT: using computer and software systems as part of a suite of available tools to leverage work and improve the quality of the work experience. This requires re-thinking the role of screens, keyboards, mice and programs at the workplace. Often the needed software tools are freely available or even already installed, just buried in the labyrinth of computers systems.

A common example Slaughter Development encounters is the Microsoft Office suite, which includes tools like Microsoft Word™, Excel™, PowerPoint™ and Access™. Each of these programs is intended for a specific information-processing purpose and was specifically designed to tackle a precise subset of activities. However, due to lack of time and training, workers often end up forcing one program to serve in the capacity intended for another. Excel is not a database; Word is not a presentation tool. Carefully ree-ngineering organization procedures and individual perspectives to use a software application intended for the job has a dramatic impact on employee satisfaction.

Beyond Strategy Consulting

Management consulting firms who assist businesses with economic analysis, market positioning, and promotional campaigns are focused on macroscopic issues. They help to point the business in a new direction, or tweak the consumer climate that surrounds the business to improve public perception and ultimately impact revenues. Methodology Engineering is focused on microscopic details of work; tactics, not strategy. Instead of trying to change what your business does overall, we help you to improve how your business accomplishes those tasks on a daily basis.

Beyond Quality Management

A huge variety of quality management approaches, including Six Sigma, Total Quality Management (TQM), Business Process Re-engineering (BPR) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) all share a common focus on measuring success based on precise output metrics. Although quality management can dramatically impact some organizations (especially those focused on volume manufacturing), these approaches emphasize top-down authority and accounting measures instead of stakeholder satisfaction. Methodology engineering focuses on people and the work they do, rather than generic statements about the work that needs to be accomplished.

Methodology Engineering in Context

Every organization is distinct. Compare your options for improving your business using the following chart:

Information Technology Strategy Consulting Quality Management Methodology Engineering
Computer Science Business & Economics Accounting & Finance Systems Engineering
Level of Investment High Medium High Low
Cost Basis Hardware/Software Market Analysis
Promotional Campaigns
Comprehensive Documentation Reorganization Individualized Assessments Implementation
Primary Implementers IT Experts Strategy Consultants Analysts Your Stakeholders
Timeframe for Results 3-9 Months 6-24 Months 2-5 Years 30-90 Days

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