Productivity Courses

Unlike typical corporate trainings, we offer courses that are hand-crafted to match your unique tactical business challenges.

Our core objective is not to pass along tips and trivia, but instead to empower you with a new perspective on work.

Before We Train, We Listen

Here’s the part of the website where we tell you about our fantastic educational seminars. But instead of telling you about us, we want to hear about you. It’s your distinct challenges which limit your productivity and unique opportunities at your workplace that can improve your workflow. Check out these comments and see if they sound like they came from your organization:

Everything’s an emergency here. We’re constantly putting out fires and never really planning for the future.

I know we do this project every year, but every year it feels like we’re doing it for the first time.

We have great ideas in meetings, but don’t seem to execute on them all that often.

True Custom Materials

You’re different. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be in a unique position in your marketplace. That’s why you need productivity training that was designed just for you, not something that was hastily forced unto your team.

The only way to build custom materials is to ensure that you own them. So once we produce and deliver this content, we give it to you. After all, you’re paying for something original to satisfy your unique challenges.

For example: we offer courses which highlight the role of failure in improving success. Although these programs are custom-designed, attendees receive a copy of Failure: The Secret to Success by Robby Slaughter. That’s something you can take with you to help make sure professional development becomes professional habit.     Book website » | Sample text »

Responsible Pricing

What should you expect to pay for productivity courses at your work place? Let’s be clear: we’re strong supporters of up-front pricing. More information is on our Packages page, but here’s some sample estimates.

Type Audience Materials Fees
Lunch & Learn 15-20 professionals Slides, Handouts, Worksheets $300-$500
Seminar 30-100 professionals Books, Slides, Handbooks $600-$1,000
Multi-day Intensive Small team Books, Worksheets, Binders $2,000-$6,000

Estimates subject to additional expenses for travel, materials and per diem.

Get a Freebie!

Not sure if you’re ready for a full productivity course? Try one of our complimentary Productivity Short Talks. They are 15 minutes long, on-site and free!

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