Our Team

Robby Slaughter

Principal and Founder

After an extensive career in IT systems development, Robby realized that the principal challenges affecting individual workers are not technological in nature, but psychological. He discovered that to become more effective and efficient at work, we need to empower individuals with authority and responsibility. His consulting practice now focuses exclusively on assessing workflow challenges, helping stakeholders to design and develop new business processes, and implement systematic, stakeholder-driven changes throughout the organization.

Before turning his efforts to workflow and productivity, Robby’s career highlights include work for Microsoft, Trilogy Software and the University of Texas at Austin. He is also a former Associate Faculty member with the School of Engineering and Indiana University-Purdue University.

Robby currently lives in Indianapolis with his wife. He enjoys travel, and has journeyed extensively throughout Europe and the United States.

Ashley Lee


Ashley began her career in Chicago where she gained experience working in public relations, event planning, tradeshow and registration management. Prior to joining Slaughter Development, she worked with large tradeshows and varying associations in the medical, industrial, and technological fields. With over four years of experience in the promotional and organizational industry, Ashley is no stranger to the art of multi-tasking and productivity. Having previoulsy experienced the overwhelming feeling of being pulled in all sorts of directions, she stopped wishing for more hours in the day and developed a passion for tackling the organizational, communicative and workflow issues present in modern-day business.  She joined the Slaughter Development team in 2008.

Ashley currently resides in Indianapolis with her husband and two sons. She enjoys writing, running, reading, baking and being outdoors with her family. She also loves a good challenge: completing six half-marathons in the last three years and her first full marathon in 2009. Her sights are now set on a triathalon.

Josh Goldberg


After finishing a bachelors and masters degree in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Josh came to Indiana University to complete his PhD in Cognitive Science and Computer Science. His area of research relates to visual attention in decision making. Josh’s doctorial thesis on the dynamical field model represents significant new insights into developmental psychology. For his academic efforts, he was awarded a post-doctoral position at the Language and Cognition Lab at Johns Hopkins University.

Although Josh spends much of his time in research with his colleagues, he also assists Slaughter Development with key research and development tasks from his home in Baltimore, MD. When not working, Josh enjoys reading, investigating local culture, and spending time with his son, Max.

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