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Blog Indiana and Total Insanity

Monday, July 12, 2010 by Robby Slaughter

Robby Slaughter

I’m speaking again at Blog Indiana this year on the topic of blogging and productivity. This year’s topic: “Producing Content Without Agony.”

My presentation last time was simply called “Productivity and Blogging.” Click that link to read the summary and review the slides. I also did something rather audacious back in 2009, which was to write a blog post live in only ten minutes. The audience generated the idea, a volunteer (Michael Sparks) stepped up to edit my words, and we put together a complete article in under six hundred seconds. The topic? Aptly: making bosses meet deadlines.

Writing a blog post in ten minutes is so much fun, I did it again for Roundpeg back in March. But for this year’s Blog Indiana conference, I’ve got to top my previous performance. A blog post in under ten minutes is impressive, but one has to ask if we can do it even faster. So how about a post in a mere five minutes? Do you think it’s possible?

Let’s be clear: this is an insane proposition. Not only am I suggesting that I can write a blog post in about the amount of time it takes to listen to a Lady Gaga song, but I’m betting I can increase my efficiency by 50%. At that rate, I’ll be writing a blog post in two-and-half minutes in 2011, in 1:15 in 2012 and in only 37.5 seconds by 2013. So yes, this is a crazy idea.

Will I succeed? There’s only one way to find out. Come join me for the final Saturday breakout session: Producing Content Without Agony. I’ll do my best to create a entire blog post in the time it takes to brush your teeth. Plus you’ll learn some great strategies for creating content in record time and without frustration.

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