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Making Bosses Meet Deadlines

Thursday, August 13, 2009 by Slaughter Development

One of the biggest challenges to blogging productively is a partner who doesn’t meet deadlines. It’s even worse when that blogging partner is your boss.

Why is this difficult?  Because he’s your boss! If you’re trying to get someone to do something, it doesn’t help if he is usually the one telling you what to do! The boss-employee relationship is characterized by assigning tasks and getting them done, thank you very much.

Remember, blogging is writing. Writing is a creative process.  No great artist finished every project ahead of schedule and within budget. So trying to get your boss to finish a blog post on time is doubly challenging.

The solution is to clear some space. Everyone works more productively with fewer distractions. If you can take his phone calls, answer his e-mails, respond to client issues or handle other routine tasks, your boss has no more reasons—or excuses—but not writing his blog.  The bonus is that he’ll like you better.

At Slaughter Development, we blog productively in part by avoiding the traditional difficulties of the boss-employee relationship in blog writing. We share responsibilities and focus on results, not hierarchy. For more information on how we help you improve your company’s blog production, contact us today!

This blog was written during Productivity and Blogging, a session in the blogINDIANA 2009 conference. Special thanks to Michael Starks of Starks Communications for editing this blog live in front of the audience.

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