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Speed Blogging

Friday, March 26, 2010 by Slaughter Development

Robby Slaughter, principal and founder of Slaughter Development, was recently asked by Roundpeg to write a guest post about efficient blogging. His advice: let go.

Here’s a teaser from the post:

I’m not worried about the editing, the formatting, or the pictures. Someone else will take care of that work. After all, what’s easier: writing a blog, or, coming up with an idea AND writing the post AND editing it AND inserting appropriate media AND testing it AND promoting it? Letting go of all of the responsibilities is essential to efficient blogging.


Just sketching out the blog post in my head was tremendously helpful for this process of sitting down to write. But you don’t have to have a six paragraph plan. Instead, you can have predefined styles for a blog post. For example, you could quote a news story and react with your own personal flair, or tell a personal anecdote that ends in a business lesson. With these template structures in hand, you just need to follow the format. Blogging isn’t about writing impeccable pieces of literature that will last the test of time—it’s about writing work that gets your point across quickly and easily.

Blogging should be an easy task that doesn’t interfere with other work. Yet, its not uncommon for people to either avoid or abandon writing posts because they take up too much time or require too much thought. Don’t fall victim to these fears. As Robby stresses in his guest post, it is feasible to write meaningful blogs in only 10 minutes. It just requires a well-defined formula, consistent process and simply the act of letting go.

If you’re interested in learning more about Slaughter Development’s system for blogging and streamlining weekly processes, contact us today!

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2 Responses to “Speed Blogging”

  1. Tristan Says:

    I often like to make the “there’s a fine line between A and B” point in arguments, so here it goes for this article:

    There’s a fine line between speed blogging with the intention of getting something good out quickly, and writing something so quickly that it ends up making you look like a fool.

    Too often I see professional blogs with spelling & grammatical errors, poorly constructed arguments, or unprofessional thoughts, seemingly produced because of the author’s desire to simply get something online. But, I suppose, streamlining the process & ensuring quality will come with practice, as Robbie recommends.

  2. Robby Slaughter Says:

    Thanks for the comments, Tristan.

    The core message is that writing efficiently can be achieved by segmenting tasks. Lorraine suggested the topic. I assembled the paragraphs in my head and then wrote them fairly quickly. It was Roundpeg’s responsibility to add images, check spelling, and clean up any grammatical problems.

    Thinking actively about work, or as we call it, metawork, is the most straightforward way to become more productive. There’s always room to work smarter!

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