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Super Signs You Need a New Job

Saturday, February 7, 2009 by Slaughter Development

Superbowl Sunday is the epitome of American football and the pinnacle of American advertising. Commercials during the big game can cover any topic—even the disatisfaction many will face when they return to work on Monday morning.

One such example is the 2009 ad for CareerBuilder (direct link):

Like all Superbowl commericals, this comical portrayal of burnt-out employees is somewhat bizarre. It provides the obvious message that your job should not be unbearable, but simultaneously implies that many people face this reality every day.  Everyone can identify with the idea of a little misery at work.

Dissatisfied employees may be the target demographic for the spot, but a more profound message awaits organizations and individuals who are willing to openly contemplate the nature of work. The Methodology Blog has already covered that the environment, structure and sense of ownership is far more important than the topics or materials we encounter during our shift. People leave jobs because they do not feel valued. People excel at work when they have faith that their contribution and ideas actually matter.

Before you quit your job, decide whether the problems at work are caused by impossible personalities or frustrating inefficiencies. The former is a sign to head for sites like CareerBuilder, but the latter is the territory of methodology engineering from firms like Slaughter Development. We analyze the patterns and processes at your job site through our Workplace Diagnostics program and help your organization to grow and change as part of our System Implementation offering. Work should be satisfying and productive. Before you leave an unpleasant job, consider helping to change that workplace for the better. Contact Slaughter Development today.

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