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Failure: The Secret to Success

Friday, January 30, 2009 by Slaughter Development

Making a decision at work sometimes feels like sliding a quarter down a slot machine. Every chance taken is a gamble between success and failure. But without placing bets or playing cards, can we find success and make our dreams reality?

Honda’s tagline, “The Power of Dreams,” offers a grand vision of what is possible. Company founder Soichiro Honda inspired his employees by making just one demand: to take risks and fail. The video clip below (direct link) provides an in-depth look at how Honda’s failures, though taxing, influenced and ensured a pathway to success.

Calculated risks in the workplace are far from easy to make. Yet, without change, you guarantee a future of stagnanation.  Organizations should encourage creativity and embrace failure as evidence of boldness and a desire to improve. A business willing to gamble on new ideas and ready to listen to any stakeholder is the only one that can win big. 

If your company finds failure difficult to accept, opportunity from mistakes impossible to see, or a problematic drop in its competitive edge, contact Slaughter Development for a consultation. We help businesses and non-profit organizations analyze their own workflow and help them to build out new ideas into successful business practices. As The Methodology Blog has covered before, success requires taking risks, and taking risks means making mistakes. Pursue success by looking inward at business processes with Slaughter Development.

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