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Berkun on Change

Monday, February 16, 2009 by Slaughter Development

According to noted author Scott Berkun, change has nothing to do with the latest technology. Rather, innovation comes from taking risks and embracing new ideas.

At the Tools of Change conference this year, Berkun gave an impressive, energetic talk where he covered everything from the American Revolution to Gandhi to Rome. Go get a sack lunch and prepare to be amazed (Direct Link):

The entire 40 minute video is filled with gems. Berkun points out that although an idea may be widespread, the actions to implement the change begin with one person:

Even grassroots change depends on the choice of an individual to use their power to make something take place.

We assume that change can only occur when someone who has authority dictates it. Berkun explains that this is a fallacy of management:

If you want to make innovation happen, you need to create opportunities for people to succeed underneath you. Your job becomes not being the star…If you are hiring good people, smart people, people who have knowledge that you don’t have, then they are going to be suggesting ideas or perspectives that you don’t entirely understand.  If you are always thwarting ideas that do not fit your worldview, then all you are going to get is your own worldview. Which as a manager, is increasingly becoming farther away from the front lines where all the new stuff is happening!

Slaughter Development is a longtime fan of Scott Berkun’s fresh approach. In fact, his works form a major component of our philosophy. We help companies innovate by including all stakeholders in the process of analysis and conducting implementation on a realistic schedule. Change is not easy, but it is essential. If you are interested in improving the way you work, reach out to Slaughter Development today.

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