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Process Optimization and Conserving Energy

Saturday, April 21, 2012 by Slaughter Development

With the ever-growing popularity of smartphones, searching for ways to optimize battery life has become a past time for many. But, can saving cell phone energy also help improve business processes?

A recent article by Good Housekeeping outlined ways in which people can better conserve the juice in their cell phone batteries. Interestingly enough, it just so happens that these excellent tips can also help readers with business process optimization. Below are just a few of the suggestions in the article that can be applied to both energy conservation as well as process efficiency:

  • Be more aware.

While this tip advises users to close out apps that aren’t being used, it still hits home about how much of an impact awareness can be when conserving time. The truth is, understanding every step of a process and knowing the portions that may stall productivity is key to becoming more productive. When we have acute awareness, we open the door to greater improvement.

  • Turn off push notifications.

There is nothing more distracting than having notifications popping up randomly. So, rather than suffering through a day filled with interruptions, turn off email, voicemail and text message notifications while you are working on a particular project. In fact, The Methodology Blog has previously suggested that achieving workplace productivity may even require having to ignore a ringing phone at times! To respect productive workflow, you must be able to temporarily put aside the sources of distraction.

  • Optimize your data-fetching intervals.

When it comes to actually focusing in on a particular project, it’s essential that we limit the intervals with which we focus on tasks such as meetings and emails that essentially interrupt solid workflow. When we allow ourselves to settle into a routine where emails and meetings dictate our progress, we drain both our productivity and our energy. So, be kind to yourself and block off time on your schedule specifically for project work. Transform business processes by managing your calendar appropriately.

  • Be cognizant of your location.

A busy, loud work environment can distract even the most focused of individuals. So if noisy machines, ringing phones or unannounced visitors tend to slow down your day, empower yourself to become cognizant of your location and take measures for controlling it. In other words go work somewhere else!

  • Charge appropriately.

The greatest way to become frazzled and unhappy at work is to allow stress and the overload of the office to take over your life. So, consider adopting a healthy work/life balance by prioritizing tasks both inside and outside company walls. After all, employee satisfaction should be valued not just by the company itself, but by the individual as well.

Whether you need more information on how to recharge your office or simply want to learn more about how to bring productivity and satisfaction to your company, contact Slaughter Development today. Our vision on business process optimization is certainly worth the small amount of battery you’ll use when calling us!

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