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Brain Physical

Monday, May 3, 2010 by Slaughter Development

Since our founding, Slaughter Development has worked alongside clients to increase office productivity by improving or even eliminating inefficient processes. Our goal? Open avenues for innovation and create a healthier workflow for stakeholders. It turns out that doing so doesn’t just create a healthier sense of productivity— it also nurtures the brain.

MSN Health & Fitness featured a two-minute video, Boosting Your Brain, which discusses how multi-tasking weighs heavy our ability to think. According to Dr. Sandra von Chapman, chief director at The Center for Brain Health, this mental function decline occurs “because people go to automatic levels of processing of just information in, information out.”  In addition to the video here are some tips from the article to avoid “brain overload:”


List out top three tasks each day.

Work on each task for 30 Minutes without distraction.

Turn off email at certain points during the day.

Make bullet points for meetings to decrease rambling.

It’s no secret. Slaughter Development not only encourages these types of recommendations to our clients, but we utilize such tactics in our office everyday.  We view productivity as more than just streamlining a filing system or getting a task checked off a list. It’s about creating a viable routine that significantly reduces the amount of work and stress a faulty process brings.

By reducing the amount of time spent inefficiently multi-tasking, an individual gains something extremely valuable: uninterrupted work time. As The Methodology Blog has covered before, getting “into the zone” of solid work brings a worker a deep sense of satisfaction. For many, this sense of accomplishment doesn’t just create happiness. The ability to freely focus on work is truly motivating.

If you’re interested in learning more about ways to increase productivity, register today for one of our 2010 Productivity Series sessions. This week, our May event: “No More Duct Tape: Ending Half-Baked Procedures at Work”, discusses how to improve broken processes that inhibit productive workflow.  Our June event: “The Battle For Your Inbox: Managing Email Productively,” will help you regain control of electronic messaging through helpful tips and a renewed sense of perspective. For any further information on how we can help rejuvenate your brain at work, contact us today!

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