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Thursday, July 16, 2009 by Slaughter Development

Attention Hoosiers! Writing a blog and spending your time judiciously can be compatible. Learn more about it at blogINDIANA, August 13th-15th.

Social media may represent a fundamental paradigm shift in the way we interact using technology, but it doesn’t solve the most basic issue of work: effort requires time. No matter what you want to accomplish, you must design your schedule and your workflow to enable the possibility of achievement. Blogging may be great, but it’s still work.

That’s why Slaughter Development is speaking on Productivity and Blogging at this year’s blogINDIANA conference. From the topic description:

The reason most people don’t blog—and the reason most bloggers stop blogging—is because of the incredible amount of time required to produce content. Become a more productive and more effective blogger through this session!

Lack of time is our favorite excuse, but the investment of time is our preferred method to demonstrate value. Blogging seems to operate outside of this spectrum: we insist that blogs appear instantly and be written in a personal voice, yet we demand that they are accurate, thematically consistent, on-brand and on-message. A blog is both spontaneous and carefully executed. That’s why people who want to blog need a process for blogging.

Learn more at blogINDIANA 2009. We’ll see you there!

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