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Innovation Through Pizza

Monday, March 30, 2009 by Slaughter Development

With the immense amount of emerging technology, the idea that “anything is possible” never seems too far out of reach. One such recent achievement, an Italian pizza vending machine, brings another fascinating twist to innovation.

Check out the below video to view the intriguing nature of this invention: (direct link)

Despite the doubt by some critics in the pizza-making capital of the world, Italians are expected to be quite receptive to the quick and affordable meal. Like many ideas—technological, mechanical or procedurally based—innovation that aims to save time, stress and/or frustration in our competitive, fast-paced world is surely in high demand. Anything that increases efficiency and productivity is worth consideration.

The services provided by Slaughter Development are not only innovative, but affordable as well. Like a pizza made-to-order, we customize solutions to fit the intricate needs of individual stakeholders and businesses alike. To learn more about how we can bring beneficial innovation to your office, contact us today.

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