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Inefficiency Far from Home

Monday, June 11, 2007 by Slaughter Development

The names might sound unfamiliar, but a recent story in a Pakistan’s newspaper reports on inefficiencies in local community boards that might well be in your own hometown.

According to Khalid Hasnain of the Dawn Newspaper Group, the district government in Khanewal, Pakistan has approved development projects for citizen groups with a failing track record. This follows some 1.5 million rupees provided for milk chillers, another 1.5 million for furniture for a high school, and just under 1.1 million rupees for an ambulance—none of which have actually been purchased. There are also questions about proper coordination between various offices as well as whether or not application timelines have been enforced by the Executive District Officer.

Sound eeriely familar? Almost every organization around the world deals with challenges in workflow and process management. To understand how a company or non-profit can improve, Slaughter Development recommends starting with Workplace Diagnostics. This helps identify key components of every activity and provides opportunities to transform workflow for the benefit of stakeholders. Although you may not be wrestling with funding issues for municipal projects in the Punjab provence, your organization may have inefficiencies that warrant further investigation. Contact Slaughter Development to arrange an appointment today!

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