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Measuring Grocery Visits

Thursday, December 14, 2006 by Slaughter Development

Business researchers at the Wharton School are focusing on the way we shop, according to Forbes. Some paths through the supermarket are more efficient than others, and understanding this variation is chaning grocery store layout from intuition to science.

Studies note that patrons spend at most 30% of their time actually acquiring merchandise, leaving the remainder for browsing, navigating the store, and competing the checkout process. Retailers believe that better store design can increase shopper productivity, which boosts the percentage and overall sales.

Work environments are often plagued by similar challenges. We sometimes find ourselves exhausted by overhead, constantly running around the office, or waiting patiently on someone else. Spending 30% of our time at the office completing work that advances the organization may even sound optimistic!

Companies that want to better understand their current workflow and make improvements in business processes should pursue methodology engineering services. If your company is operating on intuition, not science, then contact Slaughter Development to arrange a consultation.

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