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Increasing Productivity through Ifttt

Tuesday, February 14, 2012 by Slaughter Development

Here at Slaughter Development, we’re always looking for new ways to increase productivity. Well, our founder and CEO has discovered a new product that does just that!

This fall, Robby Slaughter, principal of Slaughter Development, expressed his thoughts on the “If This Then That” (Ifttt) service geared toward automating routine online activities. In the guest post he provided to the Roundpeg blog, Slaughter details the actual meaning of the process, voices his opinion on its behalf and provides examples of how the service can increase productivity in everyday life.

In fact, to help provide readers with a better picture of the application, Slaughter provides a list of pros and cons that, as a user, he has discovered on his own:


  • It saves tons of time because it’s a form of automation.
  • It gets people thinking about automating the web.


  • It can’t make compound decisions.
  • It has no memory.
  • It does not play nice with others.

Of course, every product on the market comes with its minor quirks, but no doubt, Slaughter  believes this product is a great way to expedite routine tasks and increase productivity. To quote his opening remark in the post:

Considering that I run a productivity consulting company, it’s no surprise  that I’m excited about a new service designed to automate routine online activities.

To learn more about Slaughter Development’s services and how we can help increase productivity in your office, contact us today!


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