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Small Biz Spotlight

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 by Slaughter Development

This summer, Slaughter Development received the privilege of being a part of the top headlines in the Develop Indy Newsletter.

Below is the Small Business Spotlight our company received in the June 2011 bulletin:


Small Business Spotlight

Everyone wants to be more productive. We’d all love to come to work, accomplish tasks with stunning efficiency, and leave the office on time. Unfortunately, most of us struggle with interruptions, multi-tasking, shifting requirements and unclear expectations. It’s tough to get work done at work!

Helping organizations to become more efficient and more satisfied is the focus of Slaughter Development, a productivity and workflow consulting firm headquartered in the Broad Ripple district of Indianapolis. The team conducts “workplace diagnostics”-on-site interviews and job-shadowing with individual stakeholders-to identify potential areas for improvement. Next, consultants help clients to redesign business processes using industry-standard flowcharts.

“There’s incredible power in describing workflow visually,” says Robby Slaughter, principal and company founder. “It’s easier to see problems and make changes when we use pictures to explain the scope and sequence of work.”

In addition to providing business process consulting, Slaughter Development also offers corporate presentations and training seminars. They also host the Productivity Series, a series of monthly seminars open to the public. More information on these programs is at

Slaughter Development has a staff of four and has been operating in Indianapolis since 2005. You can learn more about this small business at

Thanks again to the folks at Develop Indy for featuring us in their newsletter!

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