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Want To Get Noticed?

Monday, August 29, 2011 by Slaughter Development

Today’s post on The Methodology Blog is by Pam Ruster, a licensed clinical social worker and Owner/President of Supportive Systems, LLC, which provides EAP and Corporate Development services to corporations throughout Indiana. Pam has extensive experience as a consultant and trainer, presenting numerous workshops and seminars.

Want To Get Noticed?

Wow! That can be a double edged sword! Sometimes it is comfortable to slide under the radar, where you do your job and keep your nose clean. You know the feeling of showing up. When we do what is expected and not draw attention to ourselves we stay safe. Old sayings even support that philosophy. “You know how to recognize the pioneers? They are the ones with the arrows in their backs”. “Why be outstanding in the field when you can be grazing in the yard.” Or how about this one…“ Never stand taller than your cubicle. You can be seen from across the room and tapped for a new project”.

All of those sayings are from the perspective that once you are noticed, you are no longer safe. If you are noticed, then unfairness may happen. If you are noticed, you will be asked to do more, and more, and more! If you are noticed, you are no longer part of the core group of people who complain and gripe about the boss, the system or other workplace concerns.

So what is the other side of that coin? Being noticed positions you for your future. Being noticed means you have contributed to an effective and possibly new initiative within the organization.

How does this translate into success? Employee engagement goes hand in hand with the concept of a committed workforce. Once you slide under the radar, your commitment to the organization and your ability to be engaged evaporates. To commit, as defined by Webster, is being responsible for; to entrust; to pledge oneself to a position. We know that workplaces that have engaged employees enjoy an increased market position, successful research and development divisions and a work force who invests time, energy and talent, thus committing to the success of the company.

Do you enjoy the view from the top of the cubicle? If so, maybe you are waiting to get noticed. The choice is yours and the price you pay is minuscule. Investing in your future costs nothing but your self-determination to allow for the arrow while you stand in the field. I say go for it!

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2 Responses to “Want To Get Noticed?”

  1. Bryan Hart Says:

    The thought of “Why be outstanding in the field when you can be grazing in the yard.” made me think of Dan Miller’s illustration of the chicken and the eagle found in his book “No More Dreaded Mondays.” The chicken is content on being fattened up in the yard, but the eagle moves on to freedom and challenge. You can guess the fate of each in the story!

    Nice blog content by the way.

  2. Robby Slaughter Says:

    Thanks for the comments, Bryan!

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