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Perspective and Illusion

Friday, April 29, 2011 by Slaughter Development

Not everything is as it seems. And yet, despite our knowledge of this fact, we are still amazed by magicians with their slight of hand. What we can’t deny however is that no matter the stunt, illusion or mystery, we have a natural ability to create and share our own, unique perspective with those around us.

Below is a picture that far defies what we perceive as normal. In fact, to the majority of us, the oddity actually appears genuine:

At first glance, our confusion is driven by several questions. Is the woman extremely small? Is the man behemoth in size? Is the chair off scale? Has the room been altered in some way? Has the picture simply been photoshopped? Not surprisingly, this familiar image is an optical illusion. So although it appears real, it has a logical solution that does not utilize computer enhancement.

Perspective is extraordinary. Though one individual may see a picture, an object, a person or even a process one way, the existence of a completely different view by another is guaranteed. In business, sharing perspectives is a great tool for innovation and efficiency. It not only empowers stakeholders, but leads to less micromanagement and more productivity.

That is why Slaughter Development finds the above snapshot extremely relevant not only to The Methodology Blog, but to our overall mission in methodology engineering. We encourage our clients to embrace alternate points of view; especially when calling upon us to assist in overcoming problems, streamlining processes or even seeking stakeholder satisfaction. Contact us today if you are interested in gaining a new viewpoint on the benefits to an even broader perspective.

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