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Visualizing Possibility

Wednesday, June 16, 2010 by Slaughter Development

There are moments when work starts to feel overwhelming. Artist John Bramblitt faces this reality everyday. And though he may not see these challenges personally, overcoming his obstacles brings more than just reassurance: it creates success far beyond what the eyes can see.

Bramblitt lost his vision due to epilepsy. Yet, despite the difficulties accompanying his impairment, his passion for creative expression has gone unscathed. In a featured documentary, Bramblitt demonstrates how he uses his sense of touch to paint his masterpieces.

If you have a few minutes, check out the video and watch him in action: [direct link]

Bramblitt’s unique process proves that reaching success in unconventional ways is far from impossible. No matter the size of the obstacle or how vulnerable we may feel, there are always new ways to work. We can discover creative ways to achieve our dreams, even if we cannot see a way through.

If difficulties at work are leaving you in doubt, contact Slaughter Development today. We’ll help you work through tough projects and bring you more than just results—we’ll help you develop a vision.

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