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Goodbye Impulse Buys

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 by Slaughter Development

Ever find yourself running out to the grocery store for milk and eggs only to return with fifteen grocery bags and a hefty receipt reflecting your impulse buys? If this sounds familiar, don’t fret. Slaughter Development’s founder has some suggestions that will help your shopping become more efficient and less costly.

Recently, featured an article written by Robby Slaughter in regards to productively saving money when shopping. In “Productivity and Shopping,” Slaughter points out several different ways to save time and cut down on impulse buying:

1. Make a list, but make no exceptions: A key tip is to avoid tossing your list at the end of the trip. Instead, write it on an index card and laminate it. Then use a dry erase marker to cross off items you don’t need before you leave home, and cross the rest off as you pick them up. That way you’re always buying the same items.

2. Know your enemy: the environment: Skip the wheeled cart so you have to lug any impulse shopping. Bring headphones so you can listen to your own tunes . . . try wearing sunglasses inside the store. It’s harder to read signs about irrelevant specials if you’re looking through dark shades just at the products that matter.

3. Shopping is a job, not a social event: If you need to go shopping with an expert, first make a plan to utilize their time effectively. That way you don’t end up needlessly browsing for hours, impulse buying random items and snacking your way though the food court to catch up.

If you would like to learn more about ways of effectively reducing both time and money wasted on processes in your office, contact Slaughter Development today!

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