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Tweetsgiving Indianapolis

Tuesday, November 24, 2009 by Slaughter Development

Slaughter Development and The Methodology Blog are joining other central Indiana bloggers to offer a word of thanks during this holiday season. We’re calling it: “Tweetsgiving Indianapolis.”
Made up words like “tweetsgiving” deserve some explanation. This is a combination of the term “Tweet”, meaning to send a message via service Twitter, and the word “thanksgiving.”

Last year, a non-profit group called Epic Change organized this fundraiser using Twitter with the word “tweetsgiving.” In only 48 hours, they collected $10,000 almost entirely from small donors. This year, members of the Indianapolis blogging community are taking part in a larger effort which includes an event at Scotty’s Brewhouse downtown.

Thanksgiving is such a meaningful holiday because everyone understands gratitude. The comforts and assurances of life may range  to include great personal success, home-cooked meals or simply the kind words of friends and family. Likewise, in our business we have something special to be thankful for: the opportunity to help people improve.

This is a rarer gift than it may seem. Not all potential clients are ready to make changes to workflow or are willing to acknowledge the possibility of working more productively. Even those who recognize the need for change do not always want to speak to outside consultants. We understand that sometimes just opening the doors is the greatest challenge of all. It not only requires trust, but also the ability to admit that there could be a need for change. We are truly grateful that we continue to find organizations that are willing to talk about positive change from within.

This is the reason that Slaughter Development offers Productivity Short Talks as a complementary service. The business of business improvement has no secrets. If we can help you find a way to work smarter from one 15 minute presentation, we are grateful for the opportunity to do so.

Of course, our business runs on revenue from paying clients. Yet, in all truthfulness, the chance to help is all the reason we need to be here. Join us at Scotty’s Brewhouse on Tuesday, November 24th from 5:00-10:00pm. Proceeds from this event will go to help Epic Change. Please consider making a donation.

Thanks again for the opportunity to help you improve. We are truly thankful.

Other participants in Tweetsgiving Indianapolis:

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7 Responses to “Tweetsgiving Indianapolis”

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  2. Myrland Marketing Minutes » Blog Archive » I’M THANKFUL FOR SO MUCH…. Says:

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  3. Ryan L. Cox Says:

    Thank you for that Robby! Thankful comes in many shape, sizes and colors. You are a dedicated man, and it comes through in your keystrokes as I’m sure it does in person to your clients. We are fortunate to have you helping #indytweetup #indytweetsgiving #tweetsgiving!

  4. Angie Six Says:

    I’m one of the fellow bloggers participating in this year’s #tweetsgiving campaign. I’m thankful to you Robby, for helping me to improve my twitter skills. I’m fairly new at this stuff, and it’s been really helpful to have local influences who know their stuff and interact with others so well. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

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  6. Lindsay Manfredi Says:

    Love it Robby. Love that you explained the background of Tweetsgiving. You are one of my favorite people. I am honored to have you in my life. Thanks for being such an amazing friend! Have the best Thankgiving.

  7. Nila Nealy Says:

    HI Robby! I’m drawn to your pragmatic approach to business, writing and life itself. I’m sure I have much to learn from you. Thanks for your post. Happy Thanksgiving!

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